Inka iPad

Inka iPad


All Ozpack's are designed to carry A4 size (text book size) books and notebooks. They can carry up to 5 books at a time.

This Ozpack has an extra pocket for you to carry your iPad or other important items that need extra protection.

SIZE: 17 3/4 inches X 11 1/2 inches (45 cm X 29 cm )

OUTSIDE POCKET: The outside pocket is great for yor personal items and your cell phone. Most of our customer use this pocket to carry pens, keys, money, and their cell phone charger.

INSIDE POCKET: 10 1/2 inches X 7 1/2 inches (26 cm X 20 cm) This pocket is for your iPad or other slim items that may need extra protection. We recommend your measure your tablet computer to make sure it fits in this pocket.

Product Code: 8680621701825