Our Story

The idea behind Ozpack originally came to life many years ago, in sunny Madison, Wisconsin. Struck by the futility of carrying a large backpack around the entire University of Wisconsin campus, the concept of Ozpack was born.

Originally from the picturesque town of Izmir, Turkey, Osman (Mr. Oz) wanted to incorporate his roots into Ozpack. The inspiration for our products’ exterior continues to come from local Turkish artisans. The uniqueness of Turkish culture is imbued into each and every one of our bags. Striving to better our society as a whole, we also ensure all our leather bags to be the highest quality vegan leather composite.

At Ozpack, we live by a clear motto, “Live Simply”. Living simply means appreciating the creativity and positivity that can be explored in minimizing clutter and maximizing utility.

Our values include excellence, inclusiveness, diversity, stability and of course, innovation. We have aimed to reinvent the backpack. Inspired by lightening your load, we aim to constantly better our ways in Ozpack’s design and structure.

After reaching over 100,000 customers in Turkey, Ozpack has expanded to offer its products worldwide; collections are now shipped internationally.

Message from Mr. OZ


My name is Osman. I invented the Ozpack when I was a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and they used to call me "OZ". After graduating and working for Inventables, a start-up in Chicago, I moved back to my hometown in Turkey to work on Ozpack and be with my family in 2008.

In Turkey, people loved how Ozpack made their lives so much easier and thousands of people ditched the backpack and purchased an Ozpack. In March 1st of 2016, after three girls from Italy contacted me through Instagram wanting Ozpacks, I realized people around the world are not that different. We all think a backpack is an overkill and a laptop sleeve just isn`t the solution. So I decided to make Ozpack available to everyone in the world.

I would really love to hear your ideas on how I could improve my website, my product, your ideas, feedback, your experience with Ozpack, and meet you!


Osman Can Ozcanli